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9 YouTube Services You Can Offer Clients as a Pro Channel Manager

If you’re launching your freelance YouTube channel manager career, first off: Congratulations! That’s a big, exciting move.I’ve been working as a professional YouTube channel manager since 2012, and I’ve been doing my own thing as a freelancer and the owner of Channel Fuel, a YouTube management agency, for nearly three years now.It’s been a fun […]

YouTube Career Opportunities – Life After Channel Management

Although at first it may not seem like it, working as a YouTube channel manager can be a great stepping stone in your career in YouTube (or otherwise) and can lead to even bigger opportunities.How? Well, it’s simple. As a channel manager, you gain a lot of transferable skills — skills you can take with […]

5 Places to Find YouTube Channel Manager Jobs

When I started my YouTube career back in 2012, I had very little experience. In fact, I had never even uploaded a YouTube video.But that was a very different time, and now big media companies, brands and independent influencers are on the lookout for highly skilled YouTube channel managers. The only problem? There’s a lack of […]

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