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Why Anyone Who Makes Money on YouTube Needs Influencer Insurance

Insurance is one of those ~ugh, annoying~ adult things. On a personal level, you’ve got health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, life insurance… you name it. On a business level, there’s property insurance, professional liability insurance, workers’ comp insurance… the list continues for days.So you get the point: The world of insurance is complicated and […]

Make More Money on YouTube: 5 Simple Ways To Optimize Your AdSense Revenue

If you’ve watched any YouTube videos lately (and I’m sure you’ve watched plenty), you know how awful some of the ad placements can be. They can interrupt sensitive interviews, high-intensity action scenes, dialogues — even your yoga flow!That’s why it’s just not enough to turn on AdSense on YouTube and call it a day. If […]

How To Create YouTube Thumbnails – The ADVANCED Guide

If you’ve been on YouTube for more than about 10 minutes, you’ve probably noticed the phenomenon I like to call “YouTube face” — that very fake I’m-so-shocked facial expression creators make when posing for their YouTube thumbnail photo. Let it be known: YouTube thumbnails are important. They’re the first image potential viewers will associate with your […]

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