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Using Local YouTube SEO for Small Businesses

How does marketing your local small business on YouTube translate to real life? Can you actually get people to pick up the phone? Visit your store? Book an appointment?Sounds like a big leap, right? But it’s quite doable. Take it from Roger Wakefield, a world-famous plumber. (He prefers to just be called a social media-savvy […]

The 7 Best YouTube Tools for Channel Managers and Creators

As a YouTube channel manager or video creator, you understand just how many tools are out there at our disposal.This is great and all, but sometimes it makes things a bit tricky. How do you know what you actually need? Not to mention, can you really afford them?In this article, I’m pulling back the curtain […]

Increase Your Income With YouTube Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, chances are, you’re familiar with YouTube affiliate marketing.If you’re not, here’s the gist: You get paid when you make recommendations for other people’s products and services and they purchase.Need an example? You generate a unique Amazon affiliate link for a product you recommend and drop it in your video’s […]

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