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5 Strategies to Help You Avoid YouTube Creator Burnout

Whether you work independently or on a team, there’s a good chance you’re feeling the effects of YouTube burnout — especially after the year we’ve had.Josh Zimmerman knows this feeling all too well. In 2014, he joined YouTube Nation and fell in love with YouTube. He went on to launch his own YouTube management company […]

How to Make More Money on YouTube (Without Uploading More Videos)

So you want to make more money on YouTube…Don’t we all?When you think about ways you could increase your YouTube revenue, you might think the most productive strategy is to create and upload more videos. Seems logical, right?Sure, but there’s one catch: For a lot of us, creating more videos just isn’t realistic. We’re already […]

Monetizing User-Generated Content With YouTube Content ID

Some of us have had this happen before: You’re scrolling through YouTube and social media platforms and suddenly you come across your original content outside of your owned-and-operated channels.Excuse me?! You didn’t give anyone permission to rip your video.Even if you haven’t stumbled upon your own content on other channels, chances are it’s floating around […]

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