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How To Create YouTube Thumbnails – The ADVANCED Guide

If you’ve been on YouTube for more than about 10 minutes, you’ve probably noticed the phenomenon I like to call “YouTube face” — that very fake I’m-so-shocked facial expression creators make when posing for their YouTube thumbnail photo. Let it be known: YouTube thumbnails are important. They’re the first image potential viewers will associate with your […]

Grow On YouTube with YouTube Communities and Mastermind Groups

It’s tough to become successful without a supportive community. Whether it’s a community  of colleagues or industry professionals you’ve met through networking (or even better, both), these are the people who will shape the future of your career. My YouTube network is made up of former coworkers, people I’ve met at YouTube events and hundreds of […]

How to Build a Virtual YouTube Team to Take Your Channel to the Next Level

Your YouTube channel is growing. Do you have a remote YouTube team to help you keep going?If you’re like me, you’re struggling to hand over control. Or maybe you just don’t want to manage people. Either way, the alternative of landing in an insane asylum because you’re overworked isn’t ideal 🤪. As creators, we need to […]

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