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Increase Your Income With YouTube Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, chances are, you’re familiar with YouTube affiliate marketing.If you’re not, here’s the gist: You get paid when you make recommendations for other people’s products and services and they purchase.Need an example? You generate a unique Amazon affiliate link for a product you recommend and drop it in your video’s […]

How to grow a YouTube channel with retrospective optimization

When it comes to YouTube optimization, there are always two questions I get from both aspiring and pro YouTube channel managers:Should I go back and optimize my (or my clients’) videos?Is it even safe for me to do that?The CliffsNotes version of the answers: Absolutely yes and yes.This is called retrospective optimization, the process of […]

Go beyond YouTube merchandise with Physical Products

For many of us, when we talk about making more money on YouTube, we immediately think AdSense.Sure, AdSense revenue is great, but it’s certainly not the only way to monetize your YouTube channel. If you really want to be successful in the YouTube world, you’ve got to think about ways you can diversify your income […]

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